Ready Response (Firewatch+)

Ready Response (Firewatch+) is designed to help responders before they arrive to an emergency. When dispatched to an address, responders are able to access owner information, google maps data, details from past inspections, and images/plans for the address. Sign up for Ready Response (Firewatch+) to be able manage addresses and inspections.



The address page was designed to provide first responders with address specific information when responding to an emergency. The address page displays all relevant data for each individual address. The page includes owner information, integrated Google Maps/Street View, past inspections, and address images/plans. At the bottom of the page, there are buttons to update the owner information, add inspections, upload images, and delete the address (the first three addresses cannot be deleted). All addresses are validated with the Google API Address Validator to ensure accurate Google Maps API integration.


For every address, a user can generate, update, and delete fire inspections. By selecting an inspection type, an inspection is generate with all relevant questions. Users are then able to indicate a pass/fail for each question. If a question is failing, users can upload a photo that is uploaded/retrieved from an AWS S3 Bucket. Upon submission, an address will only pass an inspections if all questions are passing.